This is a time line of events in the Space Pilgrim universe.

Before the Saga Edit

2065 Edit

The first Venusian aero-city is established.

2070s Edit

The First Mars colonies are established.

2101 Edit

Cai Jun develops the first quantum hyper-drive. With Planet Earth in the midst of an overpopulation crisis, these advances in technology make swift interstellar travel possible. The settlement of outer space begins, as over the following decades thousands of star-ships carry millions of passengers to the stars.

2105 Edit

The Galactic Council is formed, as a central government to preside over all of these newly-colonised worlds.

2153 Edit

Michael Kane is born.

2172 Edit

Sabina White is born.

2175 Edit

Gail Pilgrim is born.

2177 Edit

Gail Pilgrim (elder) is admitted to a psychiatric facility.

2178 Edit

The First Galactic War begins, with The Battle of Eternity Bay.

2180 Edit

Marion Dale is born.

2185 Edit

A collection of tablets written in a previously unknown language are allegedly discovered on Planet Hipparchus in the Alpha Fornacis star system. This leads to the establishment of the Fornaxian faith, although most believe the tablets to be an elaborate hoax.

2190 Edit

Calvin Kristensen is born.

2191 Edit

Sergey Antov is born.

2193 Edit

Kathy Brown is born.

2194 Edit

The Battle of Heaven's Reach marks the official end of the First Galactic War, though the Rebellion survives in some systems.

2195 Edit

The Jovian Astrolaw Commission is formed.

2196 Edit

John Pilgrim retires, leaving Gail Pilgrim as captain of Starship Quicksilver.

2198 Edit

The Plousios Hijacking.

2200-2201 Edit

Margaret Dale and the other cadets of her class at the Academy are born.

2202 Edit

A rebel research base is established on Planet Herschel.

The Original Saga Edit

2203 Edit

Space Pilgrim Episode I: Alpha Centauri.

2204 Edit

Space Pilgrim Episode II: Epsilon Indi, Space Pilgrim Episode III: Delta Pavonis and the first act of Space Pilgrim Episode IV: Sol.

Calvin Kristensen becomes a cadet in the Jovian Astrolaw Commission.

2205 Edit

Acts two and three of Space Pilgrim Episode IV: Sol.

The Second Galactic War begins with The Battle of Callisto.

Interlude Edit

2205-2206 Edit

Calvin Kristensen is captured and tortured by rebel soldiers.

Kathy Brown's parents are killed and she ends up on Union Space Station.

2206 Edit

The Second Galactic War comes to an end when the Galactic Council agrees to alter its constitution and reform as the Galactic Union.

2207 Edit

The Official Galactic Secrets Act is passed.

Project Triarch begins.

2208 Edit

The Syndicate Wars in Aegina City.

Gail Pilgrim abandons Jojo on Tau Ceti, and Ashanti Okar goes looking for him.

Captain Vance recruits Kathy Brown as an operative and takes her away from Union Space Station.

2209 Edit

Disillusioned by politics, Sabina White leaves Gail Pilgrim on Planet Earth.

The Pilgrim Space Academy is founded, and Sergey Antov is one of its first students.

2210 Edit

Kathy Brown joins the Pilgrim Space Academy.

Calvin Kristensen and his friend James purchase Starship Athena.

Margaret Dale and her mother Marion are on Planet Enki in the Beta Hydri system, when Maggie contracts Hydran fever and almost dies.

2211 Edit

Sabina White is recruited by Project Triarch.

2212 Edit

In January, Kenrick Morse's parents are killed in an attack by space pirates on the Starship Eva. They sacrifice themselves to ensure his survival.

Margaret Dale undergoes surgery, supposedly to remove a brain tumour.

Sergey Antov and Kathy Brown graduate and join the crew of Starship Quicksilver.

2213 Edit

Marion Dale relocates to Latona Station, bringing her daughter Margaret along with her.

Calvin Kristensen's friend James dies from Pioneer's Disease following a trip to the Vega star system.

The Academy Era Edit

2214 Edit

Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1

2215 Edit

Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 2

2216 Edit

Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 3 and Reunion.

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