Quicksilver is a Class C starship, originally built for passenger and cargo transport. Its unique registration code is Quicksilver 426D.

It is currently owned by Gail Pilgrim, after she acquired it from her father John Pilgrim.

The ship operates on fusion power and is propelled by a quantum hyper-drive. It also has artificial gravity and atmosphere.

During the events of Space Pilgrim Episode IV: Sol, the starship was upgraded by Emet and outfitted with heavy laser turrets and two retractable docking bays for light shuttles and fighters, as well as a cloaking device and an upgraded cargo teleporter.

Rooms Edit

  • Cockpit
  • Common Room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Captain's Quarters
  • Radar and Comms Room
  • Engine Room
  • The Airlock
  • Secret Corridor
  • Hidden Room
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