Episode IV: Sol is the fourth game in the original Space Pilgrim saga. It was released on 5th March, 2016.

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Locked away in the most secure prison in the galaxy, with little hope of escape, Gail Pilgrim faces the most difficult ordeals of her life. Her only hope lies in trusting those who she has come to regard as her friends.

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Prologue: "The First Night's the Toughest" Edit

A group consisting of Gail Pilgrim, Sabina White, Ashanti Okar, Jojo, John Pilgrim and Professor Karen Morant are delivered to Prison Station 13, the most secure penitentiary in the galaxy. They are processed by the prison officers and shown to their cells.

After falling asleep, Gail has a vivid nightmare involving several ghosts from her past - Yuri Yerzov, Doctor Balik and Viper.

Act One, Part One: "Past Crimes" Edit

Gail has a remote conversation with a lawyer named Zaheer Sharma, who has been hired by the Rebellion to represent the interests of her group. She also gets to know some of her fellow inmates, investigates who is responsible for a violent assault in one of the bathrooms, and has to resolve a dispute between Karen Morant and a group of Fornaxian cultists.

Gail and Sabina are then subjected to a mockery of a trial, during which evidence is fabricated suggesting that Gail murdered Yuri Yerzov in cold blood. Otto Nielson also reappears to falsely testify that they were the ones responsible for the murder of Linda Ihejirika. After voicing her objections, Gail is removed from the courtroom and placed into solitary confinement.

Act One, Part Two: "Breaking the Chain" Edit

Seven weeks later, Otto Nielson visits Gail in solitary confinement. He gloats about the new position he has been awarded in the J.A.C. in exchange for his false testimony.

Meanwhile, Sabina White has managed to establish herself among her fellow inmates as an authority figure. After receiving a coded message from Emet, she begins to plot an elaborate prison break together with Ellen Ness and Leila Barret (who survived the events depicted in Space Pilgrim Episode II: Epsilon Indi, but is now in a wheelchair).

Her plan is successful, although she does need to enlist the help of a dangerous inmate named Tarjae, who insists on being brought along. During the escape, Tarjae knifes a prison officer named Runciter to death. They then manage to free Gail from solitary and steal a shuttle in order to rendezvous with Starship Quicksilver.

(Note: Since the escape shuttle only has four seats available, the player is forced to choose whether Jojo or Ashanti should stay behind.)

Act Two: "Gail" Edit

Gail and the other escapees board Quicksilver, which is being piloted by Emet and John Pilgrim. Emet has made several improvements to the ship, including heavy laser turrets, retractable docking bays and a more reliable teleporter. Gail is slightly troubled by Emet's change in demeanor - who seems colder and less "human" than before.

John Pilgrim chooses this moment to reveal something to Gail about her past. She always believed that her mother abandoned her when she was young, but now she discovers that she suffered from a mental disorder and has been in a facility in the Sirius system for the past thirty years.

She is still reeling from this shocking news when Tarjae makes an attempt to take control of the ship, holding Sabina hostage and demanding that they set a course for Klarax Station. Instead, Gail makes use of the new teleporter to get the drop on Tarjae and foil her attempted hijacking.

The ship arrives at a secret rebel base in Celestalis Aero-City, above Planet Venus. Gail passes out due to the sudden change in atmosphere, and has a vision involving her mother. After she wakes up, she learns the reason behind Emet's troubling behaviour: he has removed his anima chip, which Doctor Balik claimed gave all of his creations their "soul."

Gail works together with Amari Antar and some priests from the Church of the All to reinstall an improved version of his anima chip, restoring his humanity.

(Note: At this point, the player has the option to sleep with either Sabina or with Jojo, assuming he wasn't left behind during act one. They can also choose to sleep alone.)

Act Three: "One and All" Edit

"The Colonel" sets out his plan for an audacious assault on J.A.C. Headquarters. While he leads a diversionary attack against Prison Station 13, Starship Quicksilver will teleport three operatives down to Callisto to conduct various missions of sabotage.

Sabina's Mission Edit

Sabina's role in the mission is to teleport to the hangar bays and find a way to sabotage the enemy fighters. While inside the headquarters, she has another encounter with Otto Nielson, who is now working as a technician for the J.A.C. She disposes of him by teleporting him out onto the surface of Callisto. She is then able to use the same cargo teleporter to transport timed explosives into the J.A.C. fighters inside the hangars, wiping out almost the entire defensive fleet.

Emet's Mission Edit

Emet's mission is to infiltrate the "command and control" sector and find a way to disable their defensive turrets.

He successfully makes his way to the command deck, where he is confronted by Officer Anapa - the woman who murdered his creator. There is an exchange of gunfire during which Anapa was killed and Emet's teleportation beacon is damaged, rendered him unable to teleport back to the starship. Nevertheless, he is able to complete his mission.

Gail's Mission Edit

Gail is teleported into the power centre of the headquarters, where her job is to disable the shields.

While she explores the area, she encounters Officer Cameron, who nearly discovers her at the last moment. However, he is unable to prevent her from fulfilling her mission. She reveals her true identity to him just as she activates her teleportation beacon and disappears right before his eyes.

After rematerialising on Quicksilver, Gail learns that Emet is still trapped inside of J.A.C Headquarters. The bombing begins, and he resigns himself to his fate.

Epilogue: "One Year Later" Edit

A year after The Battle of Callisto, the Second Galactic War has been fought and won by the rebellion. This has resulted in the dissolution of the Jovian Astrolaw Commission, and the Galactic Council has reformed as the Galactic Union. Leila Barret is its first chairman.

Gail visits the Aegimus Medical Facility on Planet Abassi to see her mother for the first time in thirty years. Although her mother doesn't recognise her, they enjoy a pleasant conversation.

She then returns to Starship Quicksilver, where it is revealed that Emet's neural network was recovered from the wreckage on Callisto. He is currently being housed inside an ordinary droid while they construct a more human-looking frame for him.

Finally, Gail heads into the cockpit, and instructs Sabina to "Set a course for adventure!"

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