Episode III: Delta Pavonis is the third game in the original Space Pilgrim saga. It was released on 4th Feb, 2016.

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Still reeling from the life-changing events of the previous episode, Gail seeks out a safe haven with her father in the Delta Pavonis system. However, she soon learns that the politics of Planet Leto can be as treacherous and unpredictable as the local weather.

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Prologue: "Final Descent" Edit

Seeking a place to hide the fugitives Emet and Amari Antar from the Jovian Astrolaw Commission, Gail Pilgrim and Sabina White prepare Starship Quicksilver for the final descent into Hope City on the terraformed Planet Leto.

Act One: "Strata Space Port" Edit

The ship lands at Strata Space Port, and while Gail goes to search for her father John Pilgrim, Sabina is tasked with finding a way to smuggle Emet through customs. In order to obtain the necessary documents, she is forced to make a deal with a shady man named Viper which involves sneaking a suspicious package into an adjacent hangar.

Just as Sabina and Emet prepare to leave the space port, there is an explosion from inside the hangar bay where she left the package. She decides they should make a swift departure.

Act Two, Part One: "Viene la Tormenta!" Edit

Meanwhile, Gail travels to The Slums to look for her father. There she meets a woman named Ashanti Okar, who informs her that John Pilgrim bought a boat from the harbour and set sail a few days earlier. She doesn't know where he was headed, but she suggests searching for two men named Jojo and "Mike."

Gail finds an inebriated Jojo at the worker's bar. Once he's sobered up, he informs her that "Mike" has been improperly detained by Strata, the oppressive corporation ruling Hope City. She goes to Strata Headquarters to meet with him, and is surprised to learn that "Mike" is in fact The Colonel, Michael Kane. Along with Jojo and Ashanti, he has founded a group called The Veterans, who are trying to make the city a safer place to live. Gail promises to find a way to get him freed.

With a storm about to hit the city, Gail heads to a storm shelter with Amari and Jojo.

Act Two, Part Two: "After the Storm" Edit

They reunite with Sabina and Emet at the storm shelter. Gail is shocked to learn about Sabina's role in the bombing at the space port, and admonishes her for it.

After the storm is over, Gail helps Jojo and Ashanti to free the Colonel from Strata Headquarters. He then takes a shuttle and sets off to return Emet and Amari to the rebellion. Meanwhile, Gail decides that she needs to get her hands on a boat so she can go looking for her father, whom she learns went to a place called the Dusk Island Mines.

Gail earns the trust of Ashanti by helping her to negotiate a truce between two rival gangs in the city - The Valley Crew and The Serpents. In the process, she obtains evidence that Viper was the one responsible for the bombing at the space port. He is executed by Lora, a member of his own gang. From Sabina, Gail also obtains a document highlighting the crimes of Strata, which she delivers into the hands of the Hope City Governor.

Together with Sabina, Jojo and Ashanti, Gail then sets out for the Dusk Island Mines on a rusty old boat called the Explorer.

Act Three: "Dusk Island" Edit

They find John Pilgrim in the mines, along with his romantic partner Professor Karen Morant. Unfortunately, they all become trapped by aggressive creatures known as grotes. John and the professor reveal that they have discovered life forms native to Planet Leto which had nearly been obliterated by the terraforming process, in direct violation of galactic conservation laws.

After learning that the grotes are highly averse to electrical pulses, Gail is able to free the group. Upon leaving the mines, however, they are confronted by a J.A.C. squadron led by Officer Cameron and Officer Anapa, who have finally caught up with them ...

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