Episode II: Epsilon Indi is the second game in the original Space Pilgrim saga. It was released on 8th Jan, 2016.

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One year after the events of Episode I, Captain Pilgrim is once again carrying a shipload of passengers between star systems. This time her guests include a mysterious priestess, a wayward youth and a robotics genius.

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Act One: "Playing Stewardess" Edit

In 2204, Starship Quicksilver is ferrying several passengers to Planet Eiocha:

Gail occupies herself by fulfilling various tasks to keep her passengers happy. Suddenly, out of the blue, the ship is approached by the J.A.C. starship Midnight Echo. They are ordered to shut down their engines and prepare to be boarded.

Act Two: "The Jackal's Den Edit

Officers Cameron and Anapa board the ship and immediately arrest Doctor Balik, whom they accuse of working for the Rebellion. He is taken to a holding cell on Midnight Echo. Meanwhile, Amari Antar has hidden herself along with Balik's research in a secret compartment, and she reveals to Gail that she too is a rebel operative.

After deciding to side with the fugitives, Gail and Sabina launch a rescue effort to free Doctor Balik. Unfortunately, he is shot and killed by Officer Anapa during the escape attempt.

They are able to disable the J.A.C ship and return to Quicksilver, where they soon discover what the officers had really been searching for - an extremely advanced android named Emet, who is the creation of Doctor Balik.

Act Three: "Emet" Edit

We flashback to Emet's earliest memories, of a rebel outpost on Planet Herschel, where Doctor Balik finalised the creation of his neural network. Emet has developed close friendships with some of the rebel soldiers serving at the base, including Armando Jiminez and Leila Barret, although the outpost's leader Commander Nyland seems quite suspicious of him.

Amari Antar visits the outpost as a representative of the Church of the All, who are supporting the rebellion. Balik tells Emet that he will be departing with her to spend some time among the priests of her church, developing his sense of morality. However, before they can leave the outpost is attacked by Galactic Council soldiers.

After holding off the enemy forces for as long as possible, Doctor Balik, Amari and Emet are able to escape in a shuttle, leaving the other rebel soldiers to their fate. Subsequently, they become passengers on Starship Quicksilver, with Emet being hidden inside a cargo crate.

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And we're back to the present. Now on the run from the J.A.C., Gail decides to transport the fugitives to Planet Leto in the Delta Pavonis system, where her father John Pilgrim had settled after his retirement.

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