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Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 3 is the third game in the Academy series, and the seventh game in the Space Pilgrim saga. It was released on 12th Oct, 2018.

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A mining fleet gone rogue on the edge of space. Dangerous figures emerging from the past. This year could be a killer.

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Act One: "Terminus" Edit

After Diane Romero goes missing from the academy, Maggie tracks her down to Aegina Space Port, where Diane's father Carlos Romero is due to arrive for a visit. They discover that Carlos has been detained by the officials on suspicion of smuggling, but an unexpected intervention from Masaki Abe is enough to get him freed.

Meanwhile, Gail Pilgrim is being held onboard the Starship Ilsa, the personal leisure cruiser of Admiral Delacour. The admiral refuses to tell Gail where the ship is heading, so she breaks into the cockpit and is surprised to discover that Sergey Antov is also onboard.

A message from President Leila Barret reveals that Gail has been dispatched to the Upsilon Andromedae star system to negotiate with the rebel mining fleet Elivagar. If she can resolve the situation peacefully, all of the charges against her will be dropped.

Act Two: "To Whom the Stars Belong" Edit

Diane goes missing from the academy again, and Maggie experiences flashes from the past which suggest that her father Carlos Romero might be a dangerous influence. Along with Jaime Bishop, Maggie goes looking for Diane at the Museum of Military History in Aegina City. After finding their way to a secret exhibit, they discover that Carlos had been exploiting Diane in order to steal a valuable artifact called the Galactic Star. He is dissuaded from doing this when Diane finally stands up to him and threatens to report him to the Space Wardens.

Boarding the Elivagar flagship, Gail and Sergey are greeted by those in command of the rebel miners - Fleet Admiral Nicolina Verona, Lieutenant Jack Scargill and Alfred Kirchner. They also encounter Captain Vance, the intimidating leader of a mercenary group hired by the miners. Gail begins her work immediately, finding ways to persuade the rebel leaders to come to the negotiating table.

Back at the academy, Maggie is convinced by Diane Romero and Kenrick Morse to confide in Sabina White about her developing psychic abilities. Though Sabina is initially sceptical, she is ultimately convinced when Maggie recounts one of her recent dreams which reveals specific details from Gail's past and the fact that she is currently onboard a mining ship. Sabina says that they must depart from the academy immediately.

Meanwhile, an infiltrator attempts to gain entry to the Elivagar Flagship but is detained by the mercenaries. Gail is shocked when the intruder is unmasked as Jojo.

Act Three: "You May Feel a Slight Discomfort" Edit

Believing that he has come to the flagship for a reason, Gail and Sergey manage to free Jojo from his cell using a cargo teleporter. However, instead of escaping, Jojo allows all three of them to get captured. When they are brought to the command deck, he attempts to assassinate Captain Vance - who he reveals is an agent of Fractus. Following this revelation, Vance forcefully takes control of the fleet from Verona and imprisons all of those who refuse to follow him.

On Starship Quicksilver, Sabina transports Maggie, Diane and Kenrick to Delos Station on the Eskeri moon colony. She informs them that this is the last remaining facility of Project Triarch, which Maggie's mother Marion Dale had also been involved with.

During a grueling session with Professor Brandt, the project leader, Maggie is able to look back into her own past and learn that her mother was the one responsible for her current condition, and that she might presently be hiding at an enclave in the Sun Systems. She also learns that Sabina had been in a sexual relationship with her. Maggie is furious that Sabina could have kept this a secret from her, and the two of them have a fierce argument.

Having taken control of the Elivagar flagship, Captain Vance orders the destruction of Starship Ilsa, killing the entire crew including Admiral Delacour. He then shuts down the life support systems on the flagship and departs with the rest of the fleet, leaving Gail and everyone else onboard to slowly suffocate. Gail is able to break out of their cell and rescue the other crew members, before she and Jojo get into the last remaining escape pod.

Back on Eskeri, Maggie partakes in one more session in order to pinpoint Gail's exact location in the galaxy. Having provided this information to the others, she slips away to the hangars and conceals herself onboard a starship bound for the Sun Systems.

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