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Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 2 is the second game in the Academy series, and the sixth game in the Space Pilgrim saga. It was released on 20th April, 2018.


As Margaret Dale enters her second year at the academy, she begins to suspect that one of her classmates might possess some unusual abilities. Meanwhile, Gail and Sabina undertake an investigation into suspicious activities at Union Station.




The Cosmic Throat Punchers[]

Union Station[]

Galactic Union[]

Summit Representatives[]




Act One: "Union"[]

Gail Pilgrim and Sabina White travel to a prison facility on Planet Daksha in order to visit the traitor Kathy Brown. During a spiky conversation, Kathy suggests they might discover something important if they were to investigate Union Space Station. Despite Sabina's protests, Gail decides that the lead is worth investigating.

After arriving at the station, Gail and Sabina uncover evidence of corruption in the regime of Commander Straka, the head of the local Space Wardens. Unfortunately, their investigations do not go unnoticed, and they find themselves detained by Straka and his men

Meanwhile, back at the Pilgrim Space Academy, Maggie has a startling experience during a meditation class led by Amari Antar. She has a strange "dream" in which she witnesses the deaths of Kenrick Morse's parents at the hands of space pirates, seeing the events unfold as though from his point of view.

Act Two: "Syzygy"[]

Gail and Sabina are imprisoned by Commander Straka, who intends to cover up his misdeeds by executing them both. However, they are rescued fortuitously by Admiral Delacour and Sergey Antov, and Straka is arrested.

Maggie enlists the help of Diane Romero in order to find out the meaning of her strange vision. She confirms that what she witnessed was truly what happened to Kenrick's parents. After sneaking into his dorm room to return a piece of evidence, Maggie is confronted by Kenrick and they immediately share a vision of the events which followed his parent's death - his time in an escape pod, his eventual rescue and the installation of his neural implant. They both assume that Kenrick is the one causing the visions, and that they have something to do with his implant.

Upon her return to the academy, Gail is visited by President Leila Barret and is disturbed to learn that she intends to cover up all evidence of Straka's corruption. By way of a peace offering, she is invited to attend the upcoming Galactic Union summit on Planet Venus, along with some of her cadets.

Act Three: "Stand by for Venus!"[]

Two weeks later, Maggie's class and several faculty members set out to Planet Venus for the summit.

Once they arrive, Maggie experiences another vision - this time of May Martinez's traumatic memories of being trapped in the fire at the dormitories the previous year. This seems to confirm that Maggie, not Kenrick, is the one causing these strange visions to occur.

Meanwhile, Gail receives a cryptic message which suggests that one of the ambassadors attending the summit may in fact be an agent of Fractus. Her investigations uncover that "Ambassador Bandar Alam" is actually a Fractus operative named Dalstrom. Dalstrom attempts to take Gail hostage and escape, but she is suddenly rescued by Jojo, whom she hasn't seen nor heard from in seven years. Jojo swiftly disappears, and Dalstrom is arrested by the Space Wardens.

When Gail is called to give a speech in front of the representatives at the summit, she cannot help but follow her conscience and tell them all about Straka's corruption. After she has done this, she is immediately arrested by Admiral Delacour for violating the Official Galactic Secrets Act. Before being imprisoned, she asks Sabina to take care of Maggie.

Maggie laments that she didn't get a chance to tell her guardian about the frightening visions she'd been experiencing. Upon returning to the academy, she receives a mysterious message from her mother.



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