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Space Pilgrim Academy: Reunion is the fourth game in the Academy series, and the eighth game in the Space Pilgrim saga. It was released on 29th Mar, 2019.

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Margaret Dale crosses the galaxy in search of her lost mother, determined to solve once and for all the mysteries surrounding the destruction of Latona station.

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Act One: "A Shadow" Edit

Having stowed away onboard Starship Athena, Maggie is soon discovered by its blind pilot Calvin Kristensen, who wears a visor which allows him a special sort of "sight." He immediately decides to turn the ship around and head back to Eskeri. Maggie is able to convince him to reconsider after she steps inside his mind and they share visions from his past, including his time as a cadet in Jovian Astrolaw Commission and his subsequent capture and torture by the Rebellion.

Meanwhile, Gail Pilgrim and Jojo are still floating helplessly through space in an escape pod. They are eventually rescued by the G.U.S. Nyland, where Gail receives some good news: all charges against her are being dropped on the condition of her stepping down from her role as ambassador. In exchange, she will be permitted to remain as chancellor of the Pilgrim Space Academy.

Upon returning to Starship Quicksilver, Gail is dismayed to learn from Sabina White that Maggie has run away. Jojo volunteers to track her down while Gail returns to the academy. Back on Abassi, a funeral is held for Admiral Delacour and his wife Ilsa, who both perished at the hands of Captain Vance.

While she is waiting to hear from Jojo, Gail agrees to help Diane Romero track down her father Carlos, who has gone missing during a visit to Aegina City. He is eventually found to have taken refuge among a luddite cult called the Silver Masks, believing that his associate Masaki Abe wants him dead. When this is proven false, he goes back to working for Masaki's criminal enterprise, despite Diane's disapproval.

Gail returns to the academy and is informed by Professor Eileen Dietrich that, as a condition of her reinstatement, a new vice chancellor has been appointed - former Galactic Union ambassador Vera Vansen.

Act Two: "Ghosts" Edit

Starship Athena lands at Yamaichi City on the Forest Moon of Pan Gu. Having been provided with a false identity by Calvin, Maggie first checks in with the local Sun Wardens for any clues regarding her mother's whereabouts. However, she almost falls into the hands of a corrupt official named Jack Pierce. Calvin helps her to evade capture.

After finding her mother's abandoned laboratory and interviewing some of the locals, Maggie is eventually able to figure out that her mother may have gone to place called Shiryƍ Island. She gains access to an old plane with a robotic pilot and sets out for the island. There, she finds an abandoned facility where Marion Dale is leading a group of scientists and mercenaries.

Back at the academy, while preparations are underway for a reunion of the class of 2212, someone plants an explosive device in the locker of May Martinez. Fortunately, she is saved at the last moment by Kenrick Morse. That night, following the reunion, there is an armed assault at the girls dormitories apparently also targeting Martinez. She and Diane Romero are able to escape into the tunnels. Gail pursues them, and discovers that the assailants are in fact Agent Williams and Agent Murphy - two Space Wardens who had been attending the reunion. A gunfight ensues, and with the help of Vera Vansen, both traitors are shot and killed.

While at Aegina Hospital, Sabina reveals to Gail what she knows about Maggie's psychic abilities. At that moment, Jojo returns with news of her whereabouts, that she may have boarded a starship bound for Yamaichi City.

Back on Shiryƍ Island, Marion has begun to conduct cruel experiments on Maggie, apparently testing the limits of her abilities.

Act Three: "Dead Men" Edit

Maggie quickly begins to develop a strong psychic resistance to the experiments, much to her mother's frustration. She is also shocked to discover that Marion had been one of the founding members of Fractus, and was also responsible for the destruction of Latona Station.

Gail sets out for the Sun Systems on Starship Quicksilver, along with Jojo, Sabina and Sergey Antov. During the voyage she discovers that Diane Romero and Kenrick Morse have also stowed away on the ship, wanting to play their part in the search for Maggie.

While her mother is absent, Maggie attempts to organise an escape from the facility, convincing a mercenary named Tyler and two scientists named Paul and Bethany to assist her. She also discovers that Jake and Jessica, two children she knew on Latona, are being kept alive in stasis pods to be used in her mother's experiments. She attempts to bring them along on the escape, but they are foiled by the arrival of Captain Vance.

After arriving at Yamaichi City, Gail is reunited with her old comrade Ashanti Okar, who is now working as a bounty hunter. She agrees to join the search for Maggie. After retracing the girl's steps, Gail learns about the abandoned facility on Shiryƍ Island.

Upon their arrival at the facility, the rescue party find themselves confronted by Captain Vance and his mercenary soldiers. With the assistance of Diane Romero, Gail is able to sneak inside the facility, where they find Marion's laboratory. While attempting to escape with Maggie, Marion shoots and kills Diane.

Maggie refuses to leave with her mother and tries to save Diane by stepping inside of her mind. However, she finds herself powerless to prevent her death. After letting out a blood-chilling scream and projecting a grisly, macabre vision onto her surroundings, Maggie pursues her mother out of the laboratory and shoves her over a railing into a deep chasm below, killing her.

After discovering what Maggie has done, Gail decides that neither of them should ever reveal the truth: "It looks to me like she fell." Meanwhile, Captain Vance has managed to escape the facility along with some of his men.

Marion's ashes are released out of the airlock of Starship Quicksilver during their return journey back to the academy. Diane's body is buried following a funeral attended by her father, teachers and classmates.

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