The Silver Masks, also known as The Order of the Silver Mask, are a Luddite group in Aegina City who are opposed to space travel and advanced technology in all of its forms.

They claim that they long for a return to the old ways of truth and honour. A number of them have criminal records for acts of vandalism. Diane Romero discovered that some of them have online gambling accounts and hovercar ownership records, suggesting that perhaps they aren't as committed to their beliefs as they say they are.

Their secret inner sanctum can be accessed through The Antiquarian, and as of 2216 their membership included Master Amos, Brother Ned, Brother Jeremiah and Brother Steven.

Carlos Romero was briefly a member, and both Gail Pilgrim and Diane Romero infiltrated this group to find him.

The Pledge Edit

The Order of the Silver Mask denounces all technological abominations which destroy the soul!

(We denounce them! We denounce them!)

We pledge to restore our society to the golden age of steel, truth and honour!

(Destroy the Technarchy! Destroy the Technarchy!)

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