Sergey Antov is a former cadet and current engineering teacher at The Pilgrim Space Academy.

Often, he is seen serving as Gail Pilgrim's operator on Starship Quicksilver, and is considered by some to be the best operator in the fleet.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Before joining the academy, presumably during his mid-to-late teens, Sergey worked for the Katko Group onboard a supply vessel.

Sergey was one of the first students at the academy when it was founded in 2209. Although he didn't get on well with most of his fellow cadets, he became close friends with Kathy Brown when she joined the following year, and she served as a navigator on the same crew as him.

In 2212, he graduated from the academy and became an engineering teacher as well as serving as Gail Pilgrim's operator on Starship Quicksilver.

Although nothing much is known about his family or upbringing, when he was in hospital during the events of Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1, he received a bunch of flowers from his "Mamochka" (mother). At one point he lamented that he might never taste her "kholodets" again.

Rescues and Revelations Edit

In 2214, he was serving as operator on Starship Quicksilver when he noticed a faint distress signal. This led to a daring rescue operation, which resulted in Margaret Dale's rescue from Latona Station shortly before it exploded.

Soon after they had returned to the academy, there was a fire in the girls' dormitories and May Martinez was trapped inside. Sergey and Professor Brian Lenke rushed into the burning building to save her. Lenke rescued the girl, and Sergey needed to be hospitalised for a while afterwards.

That same year, Sergey was devastated when his friend Kathy Brown was revealed to be a traitor working for Fractus. He also learned the truth about who Professor Lenke really is.

Union Station Edit

In 2215, Sergey Antov accompanied Gail Pilgrim and Sabina White when they went to investigate supposed corruption on Union Space Station.

He remained onboard Quicksilver while the two women crossed over. When he didn't hear from them for several days, Sergey became suspicious and quickly summoned Admiral Delacour to help conduct a rescue operation. Sneaking onboard the station with Delacour and a team of Space Wardens, Sergey was just in time to save Sabina from being executed by a corrupt commander named Straka.

Subsequently, the president wished to conceal the evidence of Straka's corruption, and Gail was arrested when she refused to play along.

The Elivagar Incident Edit

The following year, Sergey accepted an invitation from Admiral Delacour to join the crew of the Starship Ilsa, which was carrying Gail to the Upsilon Andromedae system. The president had tasked Gail with negotiating a peaceful resolution to the Elivagar miner's rebellion - promising her freedom in exchange if she was successful.

Sergey joined Gail on this mission and boarded the Elivagar flagship with her. Shortly afterwards, Jojo was caught trying to sneak onto the ship and Sergey assisted Gail in rescuing him from his cell. Once he was free, Jojo attempted to assassinate a mercenary leader named Captain Vance who was revealed to be working for Fractus.

Captain Vance then took command of the fleet and abandoned the flagship, leaving those on board to die once the life support systems ran out. Fortunately, they were able to break out reach the escape pods and were subsequently rescued by the G.U.S. Nyland.

Return to the Academy Edit

Soon after attending a class reunion back at the academy, Sergey was dismayed to learn that two more of the cadets from his class - Agent Murphy and Agent Williams - were actually traitors working for Fractus.

Later that year, he joined Gail's crew on a voyage to the Forest Moon of Pan Gu to search for Margaret Dale who had run away looking for her mother. However, he remained onboard Starship Quicksilver while the others headed down to the planet.

Personality Edit

Sergey can be rather grouchy and cantankerous. His teaching style is unorthodox, as he mostly just prefers to let the students do their own thing and not to be disturbed.

Although he admits that there are problems with the Galactic Union, he believes that unity is the best way to prevent another galactic war.

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