"I don't understand the purpose in making machines more like humans ... In fact, sometimes I wish that humans were more like machines." Sabina White
Sabina White is the closest associate of Gail Pilgrim. She is currently teaching astrophysics at The Pilgrim Space Academy.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Between 2191 and 2194, Sabina served as a medic at a military hospital in the Beta Hydri system. She clashed with her superiors over her refusal to follow their policy of prioritising medical treatment for Galactic Council soldiers over those from the enemy Rebellion. This led to her spending three months in a military prison. By the time she was released, the war was over and she was discharged.

Sabina is a gifted scientist, and seems to have spent much of her early life studying fusion science.

Starship Quicksilver Edit

Sabina first met Captain Gail Pilgrim in 2203, when she and "The Colonel" were passengers onboard Starship Quicksilver.

Their voyage from Union Space Station to Planet Adroa proved to be a hazardous one, when an insane fanatic named Yuri Yerzov attempted to hijack the ship and fly it directly into Proxima Centauri. Sabina worked with her fellow passengers in order to foil this attempt, lending them her knowledge of fusion science.

Innes Station Edit

With The Colonel requiring medical assistance, the surviving occupants of Quicksilver took refuge at Innes Station. However, while in their infirmary, Sabina uncovered evidence that First Engineer Otto Nielson had murdered the station's administrator.

Gail was held at gunpoint and imprisoned by Nielson, but Sabina was able to take a shuttle and escape to the mining base on the asteroid below. There, she enlisted the help of two droids to build a laser weapon and gain access to a robotic power suit. When the crew of Innes Station came after her, she was able to neutralise them and then return to the station to rescue Gail and the others.

Following these events, Sabina decided to join Gail's crew permanently as her co-pilot, despite considering herself to be over-qualified for the position.

Encounter with the J.A.C. Edit

A year after Sabina joined the crew of Quicksilver, the ship was ferrying several passengers to Planet Eiocha. They included a robotics scientist named Doctor Enver Balik and a priestess named Amari Antar.

During the voyage, the ship was detained by Midnight Echo, a Jovian Astrolaw Commission vessel. Two J.A.C. officers boarded the ship and arrested Balik, who was revealed to be working for the Rebellion. His comrade Amari Antar managed to find a place to hide.

Gail and Sabina launched an effort to free Balik, but unfortunately he was killed during the escape attempt. Having disabled the J.A.C. ship, the rest of the were able to get away. It was then that they discovered what the officers had really been searching for - Balik's creation, a highly advanced android named Emet.

Strata Space Port Edit

Now fugitives from the J.A.C., the crew of Starship Quicksilver took refuge on Planet Leto, which was also the home of Gail's father.

The ship landed at Strata Space Port, and Sabina was tasked with finding a way to smuggle Emet through customs. Unfortunately, this involved her making a deal with a man named Viper to sneak a suspicious package into an adjacent hangar. The package subsequently exploded, seriously wounding two Strata employees.

After reuniting at a storm shelter in Hope City, Gail was shocked to learn about Sabina's role in the bombing. They had a brief falling out, but Sabina soon regained her captain's trust by rescuing the ship's cat Zubar from the space port.

Along with two new comrades - Jojo and Ashanti Okar - they then set out together on a boat called the Explorer to search for Gail's father John Pilgrim at the Dusk Island Mines. They found him there, but they also encountered a heavily armed squadron of J.A.C. officers waiting for them when they exited the mines.

Prison Station 13 Edit

At Prison Station 13, also known as "The Chain", Sabina was incarcerated for the second time in her life. She and Gail were subjected to a mockery of a trial, during which the J.A.C. fabricated evidence against them.

While Gail was locked away in solitary confinement, Sabina was able to place herself in a position of authority over her fellow prisoners, whilst also coordinating with the Rebellion to organise a daring prison break. She was forced to enlist the help of a dangerous inmate named Tarjae.

The escape proved to be successful, and Sabina made it back to Starship Quicksilver along with Gail, Ashanti and Tarjae. During their voyage to rendezvous with the Rebellion, Tarjae took Sabina hostage and attempted to hijack the ship, but Gail was able to subdue her.

The Battle of Callisto Edit

After joining up with the Rebellion at Celestalis Aero-City, Sabina became involved in a dangerous plan to carry out a direct assault on the J.A.C. Headquarters.

Her role in the mission was to teleport into the hangar bays and find a way to sabotage the fighters. While inside the headquarters, she had another encounter with Otto Nielson, who was now working as a technician for the J.A.C. She disposed of him by teleporting him out onto the surface of Callisto.

She was then able to use the same cargo teleporter to transport timed explosives into the J.A.C. fighters in the hangars, wiping out almost the entire defensive fleet. The subsequent battle was a resounding victory for the Rebellion, sparking off the Second Galactic War.

After Callisto Edit

During the war, Sabina continued to serve under Gail as a soldier for the Rebellion.

She remained on the crew of Starship Quicksilver until 2209, three years after the end of the war. By this point she had become disillusioned with politics, and since Gail had become an important figure in the new Galactic Union, she decided it was time to leave her old life behind.

Project Triarch Edit

In 2211, Sabina was recruited into Project Triarch, a secretive team of brilliant scientists who desired to bring humanity to the next stage of evolution. For much of the following three years, she worked as Research Coordinator at Polus Station under Mick Stanton. One of the subjects was referred to as Patient V. She also became involved in a sexual relationship with one of the other founders of the project, Marion Dale, who worked at Latona Station.

Sabina's direct involvement in the project ended in 2214, when she became aware of the destruction of Latona Station and the fact that her old comrade Gail Pilgrim had rescued the only survivor - Margaret Dale (or "Maggie"), daughter of Marion.

She raced to Planet Abassi to meet up with Gail and bring her back to Polus, intending to introduce her to the other scientists and get to the bottom of Latona's destruction. However, upon her return she found that Polus Station had been attacked during her absence, and its entire crew had been slaughtered. Sabina and Gail were able to prevent the destruction of the station by diffusing a bomb, allowing them to salvage some valuable research materials.

After returning to Abassi, Gail uncovered the name of the organisation behind these attacks - Fractus. She also unmasked a former cadet named Kathy Brown as one of their agents. Following these events, Sabina decided to remain on the planet and take up the vacant teaching position at the Pilgrim Space Academy.

Union Station and the Summit Edit

The following year, Gail and Sabina travelled to a prison facility on Planet Daksha to meet with Kathy Brown. Kathy suggested they should visit Union Space Station, where they might discover something of interest.

Despite Sabina's protests, Gail decided that they should visit the station. While they were there, they found evidence of corruption within the regime of the local Space Wardens. They were briefly imprisoned by a corrupt commander named Straka, before being rescued by Admiral Delacour and Sergey Antov.

Two weeks later, Sabina attended a Galactic Union summit on Planet Venus along with other staff members and students from the academy. Gail angered her superiors by publicly revealing what they had discovered on Union Station, in violation of the Official Galactic Secrets Act, and she was immediately placed under arrest by the Space Wardens.

Before she was taken away, Gail asked Sabina to look after Maggie.

Maggie's Guardian Edit

Sabina had a slightly troubled relationship with her new ward, in part because of her own antisocial personality, and in part because of the fact that she was still keeping her past relationship with the girl's mother a secret.

In spite of this, Maggie trusted Sabina enough to inform her of a troubling discovery she'd made - that she had developed the ability to "step into" other people's minds. Sabina was sceptical at first, but Maggie proved her ability by providing some obscure details of Gail's current location.

Sabina took command of Starship Quicksilver and brought Maggie, along with her fellow cadets Kenrick Morse and Diane Romero, to the last remaining Project Triarch outpost - Delos Station, in the Eskeri Moon Colony. There, she and her colleague Professor Brandt began to run some tests and experiments on Maggie.

During the course of these experiments, Maggie revealed that Gail was in danger and was able to pinpoint her precise location - an escape pod in Upsilon Andromedae system. Unfortunately, Maggie also stepped inside Sabina's mind and found out about her relationship with Marion Dale. The two of them had an argument and then Maggie ran away, hiding onboard a starship bound for the Sun Systems. Meanwhile, Sabina went to rescue Gail.

The Search for Maggie Edit

Sabina was reunited with Gail in Upsilon Andromedae, where she also encountered Jojo for the first time in eight years. Jojo volunteered to go looking for Maggie, while the two women headed back to the academy.

After another terrorist attack by Fractus was foiled, Sabina finally revealed to Gail the nature of Maggie's abilities, and the fact that she had been in a relationship with Marion Dale. Jojo then returned, having learned that Maggie had gone to the Sun Systems. They flew off in Starship Quicksilver to search for her on the Forest Moon of Pan Gu.

After they touched down in Yamaichi City, Sabina was paired up with a cadet named Diane Romero to retrace Maggie's steps. It was eventually discovered that Maggie had gone to a place called Shiryō Island, searching for her mother, whom she believed was still alive.

The group set out for the island, and upon their arrival they learned that Maggie had fallen into the hands of Fractus - and that Marion Dale had been the mastermind behind the organisation all along! Gail managed to rescue Maggie from their clutches, but both Marion Dale and Diane Romero were killed during the chaos.

Personality Edit

Sabina has very little patience for what she perceives as the stupidity of other people. She can be rather blunt in her manner of speech, and can also be rather quick to anger at times. However, she is fiercely loyal to her friends and will go to great lengths to protect them.

She is bisexual, and fluent in German. Although she describes most religions as "ignorant," she does share some beliefs with The Church of the All. She claims to subscribe to the Eleatic school of philosophy.

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