Rimspeak is a peculiar dialect primarily spoken by miners way out on the edge of known space. It is an amalgamation of various old Earth dialects.

Sample Vocabulary Edit

Benny = Good, as in "Benny morning"

Tharz/Tharz Arll = You/You All

Piffin = Spiffy, Wonderful, Fabulous

Spark = Speak

Cacklin' = Talking

Sparz = Space

Clipper = Ship

Gaffer = Captain

Billy = Boy

Gilly = Girl

Filly = Pretty, as in "Filly Gilly"

Barney = Fight

Ken = Understand

Addled = Confused

Achay = Enter

Charper = Want, Desire

Tew = Work

Yew = Look

Chuff = Proud

Hafe = Home

Servo = Droid

Aqua = Water

Yarn = Year (singular and plural)

Multy = Multiple, Many

Ricked = Wrecked, Broken

A Benny Old Do = A Good Old Celebration!

Have a Lark = Have Fun

Bint = Derogatory Term For a Girl or Woman

Fugglin' = A Mild Swear Word

Aris-Ficker = A Very Rude Insult!

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