Professor Eileen Dietrich (formerly Eileen Richter) is a teacher of history, politics and culture at The Pilgrim Space Academy.

History Edit

During the Second Galactic War, she served on the side of the Jovian Astrolaw Commission, as a crew member of the starship Alpha Shadow. Eventually, Emet convinced her to become a double agent for the rebellion.

After the war was over, she changed her surname to Dietrich and eventually found a job teaching at the academy. She is one of the few people who are aware of Professor Brian Lenke's true nature.

When Gail Pilgrim was arrested in 2215, Professor Dietrich temporarily became the acting chancellor of the academy.

She keeps a laser pistol inside of a locked cabinet in her office.

Personality Edit

She is quite feared among the students due to the fact that she has high standards and hands out a lot demerits.

Appears In Edit

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