The Pilgrim Space Academy was founded after the conclusion of the Second Galactic War in order to train the first generation of Space Wardens.

Its current chancellor is Gail Pilgrim.

Campus Areas Edit

Classes Edit

These are the classes and subjects that have so far been seen or referenced in the Academy series:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Galactic History and Politics
    • Galactic Language and Culture
    • Cosmography
    • Philosophy
    • Psychology
    • Fine Arts
    • Performing Arts
  • Natural Sciences
    • Xenobiology
    • Astrophysics
    • Chemistry
  • Applied and Formal Sciences
    • Astral Navigation
    • Engineering
    • Computer Science
  • Combat and Survival Training
    • Survival Skills
    • Firearms Training (Year 4 onwards)
    • Logistics and Tactical Thinking
      • Simulated Land Combat
      • Simulated Space Combat

Notable Faculty Edit

Notable Cadets Edit

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