Officer Cameron was a high-ranking agent in the Jovian Astrolaw Commission, serving onboard Midnight Echo.

History Edit

Background Edit

The only hint we are shown of Officer Cameron's life prior to being an officer in the J.A.C. is a large selection of zero gravity football medals and plaques. These indicate that at some point he was part of a team that won the Centaurian cup.

He also seems to enjoy collecting weapons.

Midnight Echo Edit

Serving alongside Officer Anapa, Cameron was the commanding officer on Midnight Echo when it intercepted Starship Quicksilver in 2204.

The ship was found to be carrying Doctor Enver Balik, a wanted fugitive. Doctor Balik was taken into custody, but the ship's captain Gail Pilgrim attempted to break him out. During the escape attempt, Balik was killed by Anapa, but the remaining crew of Starship Quicksilver managed to get away.

Pursuit of Quicksilver Edit

Following the escape of Quicksilver, Midnight Echo became involved in a pursuit across the galaxy, finally catching up with them on Planet Leto.

Gail Pilgrim and her comrades were incarcerated in Prison Station 13. Officers Cameron and Anapa led the prosecution during her trial, presenting falsified evidence in order to convict her of murder.

Callisto Edit

In 2205, Officer Cameron was on assigment at J.A.C. headquarters on Callisto. He is believed to have perished during the The Battle of Callisto.

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