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"I'm a soldier, Pilgrim. I believe there is a natural structure of obedience and authority in the universe." "The Colonel"

Michael Kane, more often simply referred to as The Colonel, is a former soldier who is currently teaching tactics and logistics at The Pilgrim Space Academy.


Before the Saga[]

Kane was involved with the Rebellion during the First Galactic War, fighting at The Battle of Heaven's Reach and The Battle of Eternity Bay, as well as serving three years on Hues Station.

Starship Quicksilver[]

Gail Pilgrim first encountered the Colonel in 2203, when he was a passenger on Starship Quicksilver. Kane was returning to the Alpha Centauri system for the first time since the war ended, and mentioned that he was looking forward to setting foot on Planet Adroa without a laser rifle in his hands.

The voyage was interrupted when Yuri Yerzov locked himself in the cockpit and hijacked the ship. Working with Sabina White, Kane volunteered himself to be teleported into the cockpit using a cargo teleporter, a very dangerous act which ended up severely injuring him.

After the Yerzov situation was resolved, the Colonel was taken to Innes Station for medical treatment. While he was in the medical bay, the others uncovered evidence that the crew of the station had murdered their former administrator. Kane recovered just in time to subdue Yu Cheung while she was threatening Sabina.

Planet Leto[]

Kane spent two months living on Planet Adroa, working at a grocery store. However, his loyalist employer fired him when he found out that he fought for the rebellion during the war.

He then moved to Hope City on Planet Leto. Here, he became the leader of a group called The Veterans, who were resisting the tyranny of Strata, the corporation ruling the city. They were also trying to orchestrate a truce between two rival drug cartels, The Serpents and The Valley Crew.

His lieutenants in the Veterans group were Jojo and Ashanti Okar. He also became acquainted with John Pilgrim - though he didn't realise that he was Gail's father, since he was known simply as "Johnny."

When Gail came to the city looking for her father, she found Kane in a Strata jail, having been arrested by Strata security on a false "drunk and disorderly" charge. The previous night he had been in a hotel room with Lora, trying to work out an agreement with The Serpents, and there was evidence that the two of them may have slept together.

After Gail was able to free the Colonel, he learned that she was accompanied by two assets who would be valuable to the resistance against the Galactic Council - Emet and Amari Antar. He volunteered to deliver them both to the Rebellion in a shuttle.

The Rebellion[]

The Colonel became an active part of the Rebellion at this point, and was heavily involved in planning the Battle of Callisto, which began the Second Galactic War.

He continued serving as a soldier until the end of the war in 2206, and ultimately became something of a celebrity, known as the "hero of the alliance." The Museum of Military History in Aegina City has a statue of him alongside Gail Pilgrim, Admiral Delacour and Ashanti Okar.

After the War[]

With the founding of the Pilgrim Space Academy in 2209, Kane joined the faculty as a teacher specialising in combat, tactics and survival training.

He has also been known to accompany Chancellor Pilgrim as part of her crew, and he was with her during the rescue of Margaret Dale from Latona Station. He mentioned that this was the most action he'd seen in eight years, since the end of the war.


Michael Kane is an ideal soldier: dutiful, brave and loyal. He is a man of faith, and believes in God.

According to the Library Droid, he secretly enjoys reading corny romance novels.

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