May Martinez is a cadet at The Pilgrim Space Academy.

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Her father is Arturo Martinez, who is the ambassador for Planet Adroa in the Alpha Centauri system. He claims that May "gets her temper from her mother."

Early Years at the Academy Edit

May joined the Pilgrim Space Academy in 2214. One night, she found herself trapped inside the girls' dormitories when a fire broke out, but she was rescued by Professor Brian Lenke.

She later revealed to Margaret Dale that Professor Lenke had saved her life by ripping the door of her dorm room clean off with his bare hands, demonstrating a superhuman strength which greatly unnerved her.

The following year, May traveled with the rest of the class to the Galactic Union Summit on Planet Venus. She was surprised to learn that her father was in attendance, and was totally horrified when he accused Chancellor Gail Pilgrim of negligence regarding the fire and other incidents at the academy. She screamed at her father to shut up and then stormed off to her room.

Further Assassination Attempts Edit

In her third year, she was assigned to Maggie's crew as a Technician. A short time later, someone planted a bomb inside May's locker and she was saved at the last moment by Kenrick Morse. Gail Pilgrim began to suspect that May had also been the true target of the fire in 2214, and that someone was trying to turn her father against the academy.

That night, two Space Wardens came to the girls' dormitories asking for May Martinez. When May and her roommate Diane Romero came downstairs to see them, the Wardens opened fire and the girls fled into the service tunnels beneath the building. The attackers turned out to be Agent Williams and Agent Murphy - traitors who were secretly working for Fractus.

Diane was able to thwart their assailants by laying down some booby traps and fleeing into the sewers, while both Gail Pilgrim and Vera Vansen came to rescue them. When they were confronted by the two traitors, May bravely offered to sacrifice herself in order to save everyone else. This turned out not to be necessary, as Gail and Vera were able to gun them both down when they were distracted by a mouse droid.

May escaped the incident with minor injuries, and was briefly hospitalised. After Diane was killed later that year, May thanked her at the funeral for "teaching her how to be brave."

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May was quite unpleasant when she first entered the academy, and was something of a bully. However, her personality changed following the traumatic experiences she suffered in that year and she became more personable.

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