Masaki Abe is the leader of various business enterprises in Aegina City, including The Fountain Club (until it was shut down) and Shadow Play.

History Edit

Although he presents himself as a legitimate businessman, he has also been known to indulge in various criminal activities. Prior to the birth of Diane Romero, he was an associate of Carlos Romero.

During the Syndicate wars, Gail Pilgrim reluctantly gave her support to him over his competitors.

The Fountain Club Edit

In 2214, he was briefly in Aegina Hospital after some of his associates attempted to assassinate him. Shortly afterwards, Gail came to visit him at the Fountain Club looking for information regarding the terrorist group known as Fractus. Their meeting was ironically interrupted by several Fractus agents, but Masaki helped Gail to escape.

The Fountain Club was subsequently shut down, and he opened a new venue in the city called Shadow Play.

Shadow Play Edit

In 2216, Carlos Romero stopped off in Aegina City to visit his daughter at the academy. He was held at the airport by security officials for carrying too much Straczynium in his luggage, Masaki showed up to get him out of trouble. In return, he asked that Carlos repay some old debts.

While trying to motivate Carlos to repay his debts, Masaki accidentally ended up made him believe that his life was in danger. Carlos went undercover, hiding in a local cult called the Silver Masks. Soon afterwards, Gail Pilgrim came to Shadow Play searching for Carlos on behalf of his daughter, and Masaki had her followed. She led him straight to Carlos, and upon their reunion Masaki told him that he simply wanted to go into business together. Carlos accepted his proposal.

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