Leila Barret is a former rebel soldier and the current president of the Galactic Union.

History Edit

Before the Saga Edit

Leila Barret was born at a mining station in Theta Persei. She felt that her parents, who were miners, were treated like slaves by their employers and she became angry at the Galactic Council for failing to do anything about the situation.

She was put to work when she was fourteen, but left as soon as she could. After spending some time travelling the galaxy doing odd jobs, she was finally caught smuggling and ended up at a prison colony. Here she met many former soldiers were involved with the rebellion, and she became sympathetic to their cause.

Once she was released, she sought out and joined the rebellion.

Planet Herschel Edit

In around 2204, Leila was serving as chief munitions officer at a rebellion stronghold on Planet Herschel, under Commander Nyland. She held the rank of corporal. During this time she was in a relationship with one of her comrades, Private Armando Jiminez.

It was at this stronghold that Doctor Enver Balik completed work on his final creation - Emet. Leila seemed to be quite fond of the android, referring to him affectionately as "chip."

When the rebel base was attacked by council forces, Leila held the fort along with Nyland and Jiminez, giving Emet and the others a chance to escape. She was the sole survivor of the subsequent assault, though she did permanently lose the use of her legs when the ceiling collapsed on her.

Prison Station 13 Edit

Following her capture, Leila was imprisoned at the notorious Prison Station 13. She was still at the prison when Gail Pilgrim and her comrades were incarcerated there, and was actively involved in helping them to escape.

Along with many other rebel soldiers who were being held at the station, Leila was freed during The Battle of Callisto.

Galactic President Edit

When the Second Galactic War came to an end in 2206, Leila Barret was elected to serve as its first president. She remained good friends with Gail Pilgrim, who was newly named ambassador for Planet Abassi, and she supported her in the establishment of The Pilgrim Space Academy.

While visiting the academy in 2214, Leila was the target of an assassination attempt by Fractus. She survived only thanks to the brave sacrifice of a space warden.

The following year, her relationship with Gail Pilgrim became strained when Leila insisted on covering up the corruption that Gail had recently uncovered at Union Station. Gail subsequently made this information public anyway at the galactic summit on Planet Venus, forcing President Barret to order her arrest on charges of treason.

The president gave Gail an opportunity to earn clemency in 2216, offering her freedom in exchange for successfully resolving the Elivagar rebellion. Even when Gail was unable to deal with the situation in a peaceful manner, she still delivered on her promise - perhaps in part due to pressure from the "Free Gail Pilgrim" movement.

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