Kathy Brown was previously a cadet and teacher at The Pilgrim Space Academy.

History[edit | edit source]

Backstory[edit | edit source]

She is a war orphan, having lost both of her parents in 2205 shortly after the outbreak of the Second Galactic War.

By the end of war, Kathy was living by herself on Union Station without any legal guardian. Cunning and resourceful, she set up a small business with some other orphans on the station, running errands and delivering messages. She was apparently quite successful and helped a lot of people.

However, she soon got herself deeply into debt with some of the local residents including The Bank. She was also systematically targeted by the corrupt local Space Wardens led by Commander Straka after refusing to pay protection money to them.

In 2208, Captain Vance arrived on Union Station. He paid off Kathy's debts and convinced her to join Fractus as an undercover agent, with the goal of undermining the Galactic Union and the Space Wardens.

Cadet Brown[edit | edit source]

Kathy met Gail Pilgrim and enrolled in the academy in 2210. During her two years as a cadet, she became very close friends with Sergey Antov and served as a navigator on the same crew as him.

After her graduation in 2212, she became a teacher at the academy and also served as Gail's personal navigator on Starship Quicksilver. She was piloting the ship during the daring rescue operation which led to the recovery of Margaret Dale.

A Traitor Exposed[edit | edit source]

However, she was later revealed to be an agent of the terrorist organisation known as Fractus.

After her treachery was uncovered, she held the rest of the faculty hostage and attempted to kidnap Gail - but her plans were foiled by the efforts Maggie, Diane Romero and the droid named Norbert. Professor Brian Lenke finally confronted and subdued her, revealing his true nature as an android.

Kathy was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment on a prison colony in the Altair system. Gail Pilgrim and Sabina White visited her there the following year. During their conversation, she encouraged them to investigate the corruption of the Space Wardens on Union Station.

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