The Jovian Astrolaw Commission was an interstellar law enforcement agency, founded in 2195, at the end of the First Galactic War. Its primary goal was to root out any remaining rebel resistance in the galaxy.

The moons of Jupiter were their primary base of operations, and during the time of the Galactic Council, Jupiter was recognised as a politically independent star system.

As a police force with supreme jurisdiction, the J.A.C. became immensely powerful and also very corrupt - known for the use of brutal interrogation methods and torture cells, as well as confiscating cargo and falsifying evidence. Its officers were often derisively referred to as "jackals."

The commission was disbanded at the end of the Second Galactic War and replaced by the Space Wardens. It was the first vote for the newly-formed Galactic Union, with the final count at 224-88 delegates in favour of dissolving the commission.

Notable Members Edit

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