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Jojo (real name Joseph Willard Fotheringay) is a former solider and skilled engineer, who has also been known to work as a professional assassin and bounty hunter.


Early Life[]

Jojo's father was a dock worker and alcoholic, who used to be physically abusive towards him. He says he probably joined the rebellion just to get away from his old man.

He doesn't like to discuss his experiences of fighting during the First Galactic War with anyone who wasn't there. After the war, he returned home to confront his father, but found out that he was already dead - crushed by a falling cargo crate.

Planet Leto[]

Jojo then moved to Hope City on Planet Leto, though he did remain in close contact with the rebellion. Along with the Ashanti Okar, he was one of the lieutenants serving under Colonel Michael Kane in the Veterans group. He also became pretty good friends with John Pilgrim, a retired starship captain.

He met John's daughter Gail Pilgrim and her crew when she came to Planet Leto in search of her father. Using a pulse amplifier and a signal disruptor, Jojo was able to build a device which enabled her to break the Colonel out a Strata jail.

After Gail helped the Veterans fulfill their objectives in the city, he and Ashanti accompanied her on a voyage to Dusk Island Mines, where they found John Pilgrim.

Unfortunately, they were all arrested shortly afterwards by a J.A.C. team who had been pursuing Gail across the galaxy.

Prison Station 13[]

Along with Gail's other comrades, Jojo was incarcerated at the infamous Prison Station 13, also known as "The Chain." He and Ashanti were charged with various terrorist acts associated with the Veterans group.

Two months later, he was directly involved in a prison break orchestrated by Sabina White, and he was able to rejoin the rebellion. He served throughout the Second Galactic War and ultimately became part of the crew of Starship Quicksilver.

Departure from Quicksilver[]

In 2208, Jojo went A.W.O.L. on Planet Ymir in the Tau Ceti star system. There had apparently been similar previous incidents on Planet Omai and Planet Mars. After waiting for some time, Sabina convinced Gail to leave Jojo behind, expecting that he would reunite with them once he sobered up.

They would not see Jojo again for eight years. Their decision to abandon him on Tau Ceti also led to Ashanti Okar leaving the crew to go and search for him.

A year after he left Quicksilver, Jojo began working as a contract killer. He chose his targets carefully, only going after those who he felt deserved to die. He finally quit drinking in 2211. This may have been around the time that he reunited with Ashanti and they went into business together as bounty hunters.

Reunited with Gail[]

By 2215, Jojo had been investigating the terrorist group known as Fractus for some time and was tracking one of their leaders, Captain Vance. He came close to killing Vance on Planet Herschel.

After learning that a Fractus operative named Dalstrom was planning to infiltrate the Galactic Union summit on Planet Venus, he traveled there and was able to subdue the operative just after he'd taken Gail Pilgrim hostage. He then left without saying a word to Gail.

The following year, he encountered Gail again when he sneaked on board the Elivagar Flagship during the miners' rebellion in another effort to assassinate Captain Vance. He was captured shortly after boarding the ship and Gail had to rescue him from a laser cell. Unfortunately, he was then captured for a second time. Vance took control of the ship after Jojo revealed him to be a terrorist.

Vance abandoned the flagship and left all of those who refused to follow him to their deaths. However, Gail's ingenuity saved them once again and they were able to free themselves, rescue the other people on board and then get into an escape pod together.

The Search for Maggie[]

Having been rescued by the G.U.S. Nyland and returned to Quicksilver, Gail Pilgrim was dismayed to learn that her ward - a girl named Margaret Dale - had run away. Jojo volunteered his tracking skills to go and look for her. He began his search on Planet Abassi, before returning to her last known location on Eskeri. He arrived at the Pilgrim Space Academy later that year to report his suspicions that the girl had boarded a starship bound for the Sun Systems.

They traveled to the Forest Moon of Pan Gu on the Starship Quicksilver, and once they arrived Jojo brought Kenrick Morse along to check in with Ashanti. He also encouraged Gail to make peace with her.

After discovering Maggie's location, he was part of the team that flew to Shiryō Island to rescue her. Once she had been freed from the clutches of her mother, he decided to join Calvin Kristensen's crew onboard Starship Athena, along with Ashanti.


Jojo is an alcoholic with self-destructive tendencies, which has caused many problems in his personal relationships in the past. He can also become quite obsessive about his work at times.

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