John Pilgrim is the father of Gail Pilgrim.

History Edit

Before the Saga Edit

John was in a relationship with a woman named Gail Pilgrim. In 2175 she gave birth to their daughter, who they named after her.

Two years after Gail's birth, her mother began to develop symptoms of a serious mental disorder, and John was forced to have her committed to a special facility on Planet Abassi. He didn't tell his daughter the truth about this for many years, instead claiming that her mother had abandoned them both.

He used to be the captain of Starship Quicksilver. During the First Galactic War, he was forced by the Galactic Council to carry munitions to their outposts, leading to a lifelong resentment of them.

He retired in 2196, leaving the ship to his daughter. John had some regrets about his decision to retire, since he claimed he didn't know how to be anything other than a pilot.

Planet Leto Edit

John Pilgrim spent much of the next eight years on Planet Leto, living in The Slums despite having the money to afford a nicer place. He became pretty close friends with Jojo, and did odd jobs as a mechanic.

He also met a scientist and conservationist named Professor Karen Morant, and became romantically involved with her. A few months later they travelled to the Dusk Island Mines, seeking evidence of native life-forms on the planet. They found the evidence they were looking for, but unfortunately they were also trapped underground by extremely aggressive creatures called grotes.

Shortly afterwards, Gail arrived with her crew to rescue them. They escaped from the mines only to be immediately arrested by J.A.C. officers waiting outside.

Prison Station 13 Edit

John and Karen were incarcerated along with the rest of Gail's comrades, and eventually taken to the notorious Prison Station 13. However, they were not kept there for long as the council could not find very much with which to charge them.

After they were released, John Pilgrim went to join the rebellion, parting ways with Karen.

Serving the Rebellion Edit

Along with Emet, John Pilgrim piloted Starship Quicksilver on a mission to rescue Gail and her comrades from Prison Station 13. Following the successful rescue, he decided to finally tell Gail the truth about her mother.

He continued to serve the rebellion during the Second Galactic War. After the war ended, he was involved in delivering aid to the Zeta Tucanae system.

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