Jaime Bishop is a cadet at The Pilgrim Space Academy. Travers Bishop is her twin brother.

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Jaime's parents are quite affluent. She claims to own an albadeil as a pet, and also has her own private archery range at home.

Early Years at the Academy Edit

Along with her twin brother, Jaime joined the academy in 2214. Her favourite subject is chemistry.

She didn't make a good first impression on Margaret Dale when she arrived, helping her brother to haze the new girl by locking her in a warehouse. However, Jaime later changed her tune and enlisted Maggie's help to humiliate Travers in return. Soon afterwards, she helped Maggie again by distracting Professor Dietrich while Maggie and some other students investigated her suspicious history. The two of them subsequently became close friends.

In her third year, she accompanied Maggie to the Museum of Military History to look for Diane Romero. Maggie had been concerned that Diane's father Carlos Romero was getting her into trouble, and they arrived just in time to prevent him stealing the Galactic Star.

Shortly afterwards, Jaime found out that she was to be named captain of her own crew. She also began dating fellow cadet Kenrick Morse.

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Although she gets along well with most people and seems to be rather popular, she does have a slightly antagonistic relationship with her twin brother, and rather enjoys bossing him around or humiliating him.

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