Fractus is a terrorist organisation with the stated aim of dismantling the Galactic Union.

Captain Vance claims that he and Marion Dale had begun to lay the groundwork for this organisation even before the Second Galactic War had begun in 2205. They were the two founding members of Fractus.

By 2214, they had begun moving forces and supplies into Aegina City. That year, their agents were responsible for an suicide bombing which targeted President Leila Barret, a fire at the Pilgrim Space Academy and an armed assault on the Fountain Club. Following an investigation by Gail Pilgrim, several of their agents were arrested by the Space Wardens, including Kathy Brown.

In 2215, one of their agents with the codename Dalstrom infiltrated the Galactic Union summit on Planet Venus and attempted to take Gail Pilgrim hostage. However, he was subdued by Jojo and subsequently arrested as well.

The following year, Masaki Abe revealed that he'd been hearing strange whispers from across the galaxy. Agents were being activated and cargo was being smuggled. He believed that Fractus was beginning to move towards its endgame, whatever that may be.

It was also discovered that two other Space Wardens - Agent Murphy and Agent Williams - were in fact agents of Fractus. They were both killed while attempting to assassinate May Martinez at the Pilgrim Space Academy.

A team led by Gail Pilgrim subsequently discovered a Fractus enclave on Shiryō Island, where Margaret Dale was begin held hostage by her mother Marion Dale. After Marion shot and killed Diane Romero, Maggie pushed her over a railing to her death. Captain Vance escaped the facility and remains at large.

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