"People are afraid of advanced artificial intelligence. For good reason, perhaps." Emet

Emet is an android created by Doctor Enver Balik.

During the Second Galactic War, he fought as an elite soldier for the Rebellion and was believed to have been destroyed during The Battle of Callisto.

Presently he is masquerading as a human, with the alias of Professor Brian Lenke. He teaches science at The Pilgrim Space Academy and is in a romantic relationship with Amari Antar.

History Edit

Planet Herschel Edit

Emet's earliest memories appear to be of the rebel outpost on Planet Herschel, where Doctor Enver Balik finalised the creation of his neural network. He mentions that he had gone through various other incarnations before he became the android known as "Emet."

He developed close friendships with some of the rebel soldiers serving at the base, including Armando Jiminez and Leila Barret, although the outpost's leader Commander Nyland was quite suspicious of him.

Sometime prior to 2204, Amari Antar visited the outpost as a representative of the Church of the All, who were supporting the rebellion. She was immediately attracted to Emet. The plan was for Emet to leave with her and spend some time with her church, developing his sense of morality. However, during her visit the outpost was attacked by Galactic Council soldiers.

After holding off the enemy forces for as long as possible, Doctor Balik, Amari and Emet were able to escape in a shuttle, leaving the other rebel soldiers to their fate.

Starship Quicksilver Edit

While fleeing from the council, Doctor Balik and Amari booked passage on a nondescript starship called Quicksilver, with Emet placed inside a stasis pod and passed off as cargo. Unfortunately, their enemies caught up with them and the ship was detained by Midnight Echo, a Jovian Astrolaw Commission vessel.

When the ship was boarded, Amari managed to hide in a secret compartment, but Doctor Balik was arrested and detained aboard Midnight Echo. The two pilots of Quicksilver - Gail Pilgrim and Sabina White - attempted to rescue him, but Balik was shot by a J.A.C operative named Officer Anapa during the escape attempt.

Emet awoke to the news that his creator was dead. Luckily, Captain Pilgrim and her co-pilot had already sided with the rebellion. They travelled to Planet Leto, where Emet was smuggled through customs and taken into Hope City. There, a man named "The Colonel" took him and Amari on a shuttle to be reunited with rebel forces.

Rebellion Soldier Edit

Once he was reunited with the rebellion, Emet swiftly took on the role of an elite commando, running special missions for the cause. Initially, he found the act of killing to be emotionally difficult. His solution was to remove his anima chip - which Doctor Balik had claimed imbued his creations with a "soul." However, this meant that Emet became a heartless killing machine, a far cry from what Balik had intended.

After learning that Gail Pilgrim and Sabina White had been imprisoned by the J.A.C., Emet played a key role in organising a successful prison break and bringing them both back to the rebel base in Celestalis Aero-City on Planet Venus.

Shortly afterwards, Gail worked with Amari to install an improved version of Emet's anima chip, restoring his "humanity" in the process.

The Battle of Callisto Edit

Prior to the rebel assault on the J.A.C. Headquarters in 2205, Emet was one of the three rebellion soldiers (along with Gail and Sabina) who was tasked with teleporting down to Callisto to carry out some military sabotage. His mission was to infiltrate the "command and control" sector and find a way to disable their defensive turrets.

He successfully made his way to the command deck, where he was confronted by Officer Anapa - the woman who had murdered his creator. There was an exchange of gunfire during which Anapa was killed and Emet's teleportation beacon was damaged, rendered him unable to teleport back to the starship.

Emet was trapped inside the J.A.C Headquarters when the rebel fleet attacked, and was believed to have been destroyed during the bombing.

Emet Reborn Edit

Some time after the battle, Gail and Sabina searched the wreckage on Callisto and managed to salvage Emet's neural network, although his body was damaged beyond repair. He was temporary installed into the shell of an ordinary droid while they worked to construct a more convincing human frame for him.

After the Second Galactic War was over, Emet's new body was finally ready. Due to various galactic laws controlling the development of advanced artificial intelligence, it was necessary for him to protect his true identity - so he was reborn as Professor Brian Lenke, a brilliant scientist.

Sometime prior to 2214, he began teaching Chemistry and Biology at the newly-established Pilgrim Space Academy. Amari Antar would later join the faculty as well, which allowed the relationship between the two of them to blossom.

Generally leading a peaceful existence, Lenke has only ever been called upon to reveal his true nature on two occasions: once when he rushed into a burning building to rescue May Martinez, and once when he and the other faculty members were being threatened by a traitor named Kathy Brown. She shot him point blank with a plasma rifle, blowing away the skin from his face and right arm to reveal the metal frame underneath. He then forced her to relinquish her weapon and she was arrested by the Space Wardens.

Following Kathy Brown's arrest, Lenke temporarily took over her classes, teaching Cosmography and Navigation Theory.

Personality Edit

Although his neural network was designed to mimic that of a human, Emet still had much to learn about human behaviour, and developed several odd quirks. The most prominent of these was his habit of personifying inanimate objects, which he subsequently managed to overcome.

Emet went through a period of emotional suppression when the removal of his anima chip turned him into a cold-blooded killer. Owing to the fact that he was not programmed with the First Law, this meant that he became potentially quite dangerous for a time.

However, he has since developed a much more balanced personality and seems to have little trouble passing for human.

He enjoys reading stories, and is an excellent piano player - with a particularly love of Mozart.

Design Edit

Emet is of an extremely sturdy physical design, even managing to survive a point-blank shot with a plasma weapon more than once - though not without damage. He also survived the bombardment of Callisto, although his physical body was destroyed in the process.

As an android, he does not need to eat, though he does occasionally ingest bio-lubricants in order to optimise his functionality. He also likes to "rest" inside a stasis pod during his downtime.

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