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Doctor Enver Balik was a talented computer scientist who programmed and created the android known as Emet.

He also created Jax, the medical droid in the rebel base at Celestalis Aero-City, and it is suggested that he might have also been responsible for creating the droids known as Dex and Val.

Balik College at The Pilgrim Space Academy is named after him.


Before the Saga[]

A brilliant scientist, Enver Balik is primarily known for his creation of the BUNNI - an advanced type of universal artificial neural network, or artificial intelligence, which attempts to mimic the workings of the human mind. According to Emet, he first began working on this system in around 2184.

Originally, Balik was based on Earth and working for the Galactic Council. However, at some point he became disillusioned with them and decided to defect and join the rebellion. This made him a wanted man, and eventually he took refuge at the small rebel base on Planet Herschel. It was here that he applied the finishing touches to his greatest creation - the android known as Emet.

Once Emet's programming was complete, Balik intended for him to spend time with the priests and priestesses of The Church of the All, further developing his morality. The church's representative, Amari Antar, arrived as an escort. Before they could depart, however, the base was attacked by council forces.

Balik, Emet and Amari made a daring escape from the base - though only at the cost of the lives of several rebel soldiers, including Commander Nyland.

Starship Quicksilver[]

Shortly afterwards, Balik and Amari hitched a ride on Starship Quicksilver, posing as two ordinary passengers. Emet was secretly hidden away in a cargo crate.

Balik's cover story was that he was heading for a robotics conference on a space station orbiting Planet Eiocha in the Epsilon Indi system. During the voyage, he continued working on the BUNNI so tirelessly that Captain Gail Pilgrim finally had to slip him some sleeping tablets to force him to get some rest.

Midnight Echo[]

Before they could reach their destination, Starship Quicksilver was intercepted by the J.A.C. ship Midnight Echo, and boarded by its two officers - Cameron and Anapa. Balik was taken prisoner and brought to the other ship, while Gail Pilgrim and Sabina White formulated a plan to try and rescue him.

Unforunately, Doctor Balik was shot and killed by Officer Anapa during the escape attempt.

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