Commander Straka was the Space Warden official in charge of Union Space Station.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Straka was the head of the security on the station at least since the end of the Second Galactic War, when he became one of the first Space Wardens. During his service, he received six commendations.

However, it was not known that he ran a corrupt regime and demanded protection money from many of the merchants on board, even targeting a young orphan named Kathy Brown who had set up a small business with some of the other kids.

Over the years there were rumours of his misconduct, and one case even went to civil court but Straka was acquitted on all charges. He had friends in very high places.

Investigation and Arrest Edit

In 2215, he was finally relieved of his position after Gail Pilgrim and Sabina White uncovered evidence of his corruption. He attempted to silence them both, but they were rescued by Admiral Delacour and Sergey Antov who proceeded to arrest him.

Delacour was in favour of simply having him "disappear" as part of a cover-up operation, but Gail later revealed everything during the union summit on Venus. At this time, President Barret stated that Straka was still in custody, and the following year Delacour suggested that he is in the same Altair prison colony as Kathy Brown.

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