Commander Nyland was a war hero for the rebellion during the First Galactic War.

The G.U.S. Nyland is named after him.

History[edit | edit source]

The First Galactic War[edit | edit source]

Prior to the war, Robert Nyland had been a project supervisor on Planet Adroa. It was his job to oversee the construction of settlers' housing for as little money as possible - the only directive being that it shouldn't fall down within the first twelve months.

When the war began, he was eager to turn on his former employers and join the rebellion. Even though he received no formal training as a soldier, he soon became a very highly respected military commander.

Famously, his leadership during The Battle of Eternity Bay is what led the rebellion to victory that day. Despite already being outnumbered two to one, Nyland took half of the heavy fighters at his disposal and concealed them in caves on the southern side of the bay. Once the fighting began, he brought the reserved fighters out of hiding and took the council forces by surprise with a rear assault, quickly overwhelming them.

Planet Herschel[edit | edit source]

Nyland was one of the rebels who kept fighting even after the war had officially ended. In around 2204, he was the commanding officer at the rebel stronghold on Planet Herschel, where the android known as Emet was being developed. Nyland was initially sceptical regarding Emet's usefulness in real-life combat situations, and he voiced these concerns to Doctor Enver Balik.

However, he ultimately gave his life defending the rebel stronghold from a council attack, in order to give Emet and the others a chance to escape. Before his death, he sent a message to someone named Clara saying simply "I love you."

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