The Church of the All is a religious group which aided the rebellion during the Second Galactic War. By 2204, the Galactic Council had come to regard the church as a terrorist group.

Amari Antar is a priestess in this church, and Sabina White is said to believe in some of its principles.

Philosophy Edit

The church preaches of the unity of all beings, while also celebrating individuality. The fact that every being is part of a greater whole does not mean that all are required to be the same as one another.

The Church of the All does not rule out the possibility of the existence of deities, but does not assert that any must necessarily exist. It holds only that if we assume there is a creator, we must be all be part of that same entity: The All.

The church does not have missionaries, and their goal is not to convert others to their own beliefs. They do not strive for consensus. Rather than being a secluded monastic order, the church is actively involved in the political affairs of the galaxy - for example, providing resources and funding to the rebellion.

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