Carlos Romero is the father of Diane Romero.

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In 2198, Carlos was allegedly involved in The Plousios Hijacking, a notorious incident in which a luxury starliner carrying some of the wealthiest citizens in the galaxy was targeted for an armed robbery..

Around this time he also engaged in various criminal enterprises with Masaki Abe. Since he was familiar with the Fountain Club, he may have visited Aegina City at some point.

He became a father in 2201, when Diane was born. Her mother was an arms dealer from Alpha Centauri who wanted nothing to do with the child, so Carlos took responsibility. For most of Diane's childhood, he ran a hovercar repair shop on Planet Ymir. From an early age, he also taught her how to be a thief.

Visiting Abassi Edit

In 2216, while apparently en-route to a conference in the Procyon system, he stopped on Planet Abassi in order to visit his daughter in Aegina City. He was detained by space port officials for carrying too much Straczynium, but his old friend Masaki Abe got him out of trouble. In return, Romero agreed to pay off some old debts.

In order to repay those debts, Carlos enlisted the assistance of his unwitting daughter in attempting to steal the Galactic Star from the Museum of Military History. Following the intervention of Margaret Dale and Jaime Bishop, Diane refused to help her father and demanded that he return the artifact to its proper place.

He went missing shortly after his arrival in Aegina. the authorities wished to talk to him about some irregularities on his travel documents, but they were unable to locate him.

The Silver Masks Edit

It turned out that Carlos had felt threatened by Masaki's attempts to motivate him to repay his debts. He sought refuge with a local Luddite group called the Silver Masks.

Gail Pilgrim and Diane were able to locate him at the inner sanctum of the Silver Masks, and Masaki arrived shortly afterwards. He informed Carlos that he didn't intend to frighten him, and that he really just wished to go into business together again. Despite the protests of his daughter, Carlos accepted Masaki's proposal.

Diane was killed later that year while attempting to rescue Maggie from Fractus. She was buried near the Pilgrim Space Academy, and Carlos attended her funeral.

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