Captain Vance is a cyborg. He does not recognise the authority of the Galactic Union, and he was one of the founding members of the terrorist organisation known as Fractus.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Although nothing much is known about his childhood, Vance mentioned that he had parents who loved him very much.

During the First Galactic War, he fought for the Rebellion. He was present at The Battle of Heaven's Reach.

He claims that he first met Marion Dale years before Margaret Dale's birth in 2200, at which he was present. He also knew the girl's father, Jeffrey Cole, as they had fought together in the war. He didn't have much contact with the child after her birth, though.

The Beginnings of Fractus Edit

By the time the Second Galactic War had begun, he and Marion had already begun to lay the groundwork for the organisation known as Fractus.

In 2208, Vance visited Union Station and recruited Kathy Brown as an agent of Fractus by paying off all of her debts. He cunningly exploited her hatred of the Space Wardens, which had been fueled by losing both of her parents in the war.

The Bank describes Vance's appearance at this time as rich and well-dressed, but makes no mention of his neural implant - so that must have been installed at a later date. He does mention that he had the word "Fractus" tattooed on his forearm.

In 2213 or 2214, he visited Marion Dale at Latona Station in order to inform her that conclaves had been established in both of the Sun Systems. By 2216, an assassin and bounty hunter named Jojo had been tracking Vance for some time. He came close to killing him on Planet Herschel.

The Elivagar Incident Edit

After the mining fleet Elivagar went rogue and declared independence in the Upsilon Andromedae system, Vance and a team of mercenaries were hired for security purposes. This is where he first encountered Gail Pilgrim, who had arrived along with Sergey Antov in order to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the situation.

Shortly afterwards, Jojo managed to get onboard the ship and he exposed Vance as being a terrorist operative. Captain Vance was then forced to take control of the fleet, abandoning the flagship and leaving those onboard to perish. (Unbeknownst to him, Gail Pilgrim was able to rescue them all.)

The Elivagar fleet was ultimately hunted down and defeated by the Space Wardens, but Vance either managed to escape or he had already left the fleet by then. He had already achieved his goals in terms of sowing the seeds of rebellion and weakening the union.

Shiryō Island Edit

With his previous mission completed, Vance reunited with Marion Dale on Shiryō Island along with his mercenaries. Here, he met Margaret Dale for the first time since she was a baby. The two of them had a conversation during which Vance revealed information about Maggie's father and her mothers true plans for her.

A rescue team led by Gail Pilgrim arrived at the facility, and Vance confronted them at the entrance with his mercenaries. After hearing the voice of Kenrick Morse, a young man who also has a neural implant, Vance called out his name and asked if he had been dreaming about the "blood moon." He suggested that Kenrick should come and find him when he was ready to learn more about his condition.

While Gail attempted to sneak inside the facility, a firefight ensued. Vance and his men were ultimately forced to retreat and make their way to the escape shuttles. He remains at large.

Personality Edit

Captain Vance is an extremely cold and calculating individual, who seems to believe in the ideal of freedom above all else. There is little that he wouldn't do in order to accomplish his political goals.

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