Calvin Kristensen is the pilot of Starship Athena and an occasional smuggler.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Calvin describes himself as a slum rat who never had many options in life.

In 2204, at fourteen years of age, Calvin became a cadet in the Jovian Astrolaw Commission. He was considered to be one of the best fighter pilots at the academy. His best friend during this time was a fellow cadet named James.

Towards the end of the Second Galactic War, he was captured by the rebels. A woman named Theresa tortured him and then burned out his eyes with an electro-knife.

After the War Edit

Calvin survived his ordeal, and his friend James used money provided by his wealthy father to get him fitted with a special visor wired directly into his brain, restoring his sight.

In 2210, James bought a Class A Starship with his father's money and invited Calvin to go into business with him as an interstellar merchant. James originally wanted to christen this vessel the Starship Ego, and it was Calvin who suggested the name Athena.

Due to his trauma from what he had experienced in the war, Calvin began to obsessively collect firearms in an effort to make himself feel safe. James passed away in 2213 after contracting Pioneer's Disease during a trip to the Vega star system. Calvin inherited the Starship Athena along with James' robot dog, Toby.

Meeting Maggie Edit

In 2216, while smuggling a man named Gen from Fomalhaut to the Sun Systems, Calvin discovered that he had a stowaway in his cargo hold - a girl named Margaret Dale.

Initially, Calvin turned the ship around to head back to Fomalhaut. He had a change of heart, however, after Maggie revealed her psychic gifts and told him that she was on her way to search for her mother Marion Dale. When they arrived on Pan Gu, he gave her some credits and false identity papers but refused to offer any further assistance.

However, he did encounter her again in the Paradise Club, and when she'd had too much to drink he took her back to a safe house on Haruki Street. The following morning, he had to rescue her when a group of Fractus agents stormed into the building. He used emergency beacons to teleport them both back to the Starship Athena at the space port.

A New Career Edit

After Maggie disappeared from Yamaichi City, Calvin found he couldn't live with himself unless he found out what had happened to her. He joined forces with a local bounty hunter named Ashanti Okar, and they soon encountered Gail Pilgrim and Jojo who had recently arrived in the city to search for the girl.

After discovering Maggie's location, Calvin was part of the team that flew to Shiryō Island to rescue her. Once she had been freed from the clutches of her mother, he decided to enter a new line of work as a bounty hunter, inviting Ashanti Okar and Jojo to join his crew onboard the Starship Athena.

Personality Edit

Calvin became disillusioned with politics and heroism after the war. Since the death of his best friend, he has also become something of an introvert. Although he is quite bitter and world-weary, he does still possess a strong sense of responsibility and generally tries to do the right thing.

He's a fan of classic European literature, including Marcel Proust, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. He also seems to drink a lot of beer and is a passionate collector of firearms.

The Visor Edit

The visor which Calvin has wired directly into his brain allows him to see the world in a way that nobody else can. It's an extremely expensive piece of hardware, and not many of them exist in the galaxy.

Among other things, it allows him to see people through walls.

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