Ashanti Okar is a bounty hunter. Formerly she was a soldier, fighting in the rebellion against the Galactic Council.

History Edit

First Galactic War Edit

Although not much is revealed about Ashanti's childhood, she does jokingly claim that her mother always said she'd end up in prison one day.

Ashanti served as a medic during the First Galactic War, fighting for the rebellion.

Planet Leto Edit

After the war, she moved to Hope City on Planet Leto, though she did keep in close contact with the rebellion. She found a job at the local hospital, and was also involved with the Veterans group - serving as a lieutenant under Colonel Michael Kane.

She developed a close relationship with her fellow lieutenant, Jojo, and was also briefly in a relationship with a member of the Valley Crew.

Ashanti met Gail Pilgrim and her crew when she came to Planet Leto in search of her father John Pilgrim. After Gail helped the Veterans to fulfill certain objectives in the city, Ashanti and Jojo accompanied her on a voyage to Dusk Island Mines, where they found her father.

Unfortunately, they were all arrested shortly afterwards by a J.A.C. team who had been pursuing Gail across the galaxy.

Prison Station 13 Edit

Along with Gail's other comrades, Ashanti was incarcerated at the infamous Prison Station 13, also known as "The Chain." She and Jojo were charged with various terrorist acts associated with the Veterans group.

Two months later, she was directly involved in a prison break orchestrated by Sabina White, and she was finally able to rejoin the rebellion. She served throughout the Second Galactic War, ultimately becoming part of the crew of Starship Quicksilver.

Departure from Quicksilver Edit

Pan Gu Edit

Personality Edit

Ashanti has an extremely strong sense of personal justice, and can't stand to see the strong preying on the weak. She does not easily forget if she feels that somebody betrayed her or her friends.

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