"We are as one." Amari Antar

Amari Antar is a priestess in The Church of the All and currently a teacher of philosophy and the arts at The Pilgrim Space Academy.

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Saga[edit | edit source]

Very little is known about Amari's past. Whenever she is asked about it, she tends to change the subject.

She apparently did not grow up in a city, as she is not accustomed to large crowds.

Planet Herschel[edit | edit source]

In around 2204, Amari travelled to a rebellion stronghold on Planet Herschel as a representative of her church. There she met the android known as Emet, and she felt an immediate attraction to him.

Her mission was to bring Emet back to the church in order to develop his sense of morality - however, the stronghold was attacked by council forces before they could leave. After a daring getaway, Amari became a wanted fugitive along with Emet and his creator Doctor Enver Balik.

Life as a Fugitive[edit | edit source]

Amari ended up travelling on the Starship Quicksilver, where she met Gail Pilgrim and Sabina White. After being intercepted and hassled by the J.A.C. ship Midnight Echo, Gail and Sabina decided to join her cause and help her deliver Emet to the rebellion.

Starship Quicksilver made planetfall on Planet Leto. There, they were able to rendezvous with the Colonel, who took Amari and Emet to the nearest rebel base.

Planet Venus[edit | edit source]

Along with several priests of her church, Amari continued to serve the rebellion out of their base in Celestalis Aero-City orbiting Planet Venus. She became concerned about Emet's behaviour following his removal of the anima chip, and eventually enlisted the help of Gail Pilgrim to restore him to his former self.

As a crew member of Starship Quicksilver, she stayed in service until the end of the Second Galactic War.

The Pilgrim Space Academy[edit | edit source]

In 2214 Amari joined the faculty of the Pilgrim Space Academy, teaching philosophy and the arts.

Over the next few years she became a close friend and mentor to Margaret Dale. It was during one of her meditation sessions that Maggie first discovered she had psychic abilities. They later began to have sessions together regularly, as Maggie believed it could help her to keep it under control.

Emet also took a teaching post at the academy, now disguised as "Professor Brian Lenke." By this time, the two of them had become romantically involved with one another.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Amari Antar seems to be a perpetually calm and compassionate individual, who is completely devoted to her faith. At the academy, she is popular among students due to her kind nature and the fact that she rarely gives out homework.

She is fond of poetry.

Appears In[edit | edit source]

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