Admiral Victor Delacour was the admiral of the Space Warden fleet and a high-ranking member of the Galactic Union.

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He was married to Ilsa Delacour, and he named their personal leisure cruiser the Starship Ilsa. They also shared a private residence on Planet Mars. They had one son named Xavier, who is a student at the academy.

The Museum of Military History in Aegina City has a statue of him alongside Gail Pilgrim, Colonel Michael Kane and Ashanti Okar, suggesting that he distinguished himself during the First and/or Second Galactic War.

He had a passion for history, and particularly enjoyed the music of the 1920s.

In 2214, the admiral was in attendance at the Pilgrim Space Academy when a suicide bomber targeted President Leila Barret. Both he and the president escaped unscathed.

Union Station Edit

The following year, he helped Sergey Antov to rescue Gail Pilgrim and Sabina White from the clutches of a corrupt Space Warden commander named Straka. His intention was then to lead a cover-up of the corruption in order to protect the reputation of the wardens, something which Gail strongly disagreed with.

He was in attendance at the Galactic Union summit on Planet Venus a few weeks later, during which Gail revealed the truth about Straka's corruption in front of a live galactic audience. He subsequently arrested her for violating the Galactic Secrets Act.

The Elivagar Incident Edit

Delacour was holding Gail in his private residence on Mars and then subsequently onboard the Starship Ilsa as it traveled to the Upsilon Andromedae system. Once they arrived in the system, he revealed to Gail that the president had promised her freedom in exchange for negotiating a peaceful resolution to a rebellion onboard the Elivagar mining fleet.

Gail agreed to these terms and crossed over to the Elivagar flagship along with Sergey. Unfortunately, the flagship was soon taken over by Captain Vance, who opened fire and destroyed the Starship Ilsa - killing the admiral and everyone else onboard.

Victor and Ilsa Delacour were buried near the Pilgrim Space Academy, at a funeral service attended by their son Xavier.

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